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How did we manage to solve the vial breakage problem?
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Modern vial and ampoule production, where nothing is left to chance

Find out more about our ampoule production

Ampoule production is done on most modern production lines MODERNE MECANIQUE MM 30 LA 502 and LA 500, with automatic glass tube refilling carousels and with calibration for complete control of the most important production parameters.

For ampoule production we use glass tubes 1500mm in length, of various diameters, depending on the dimensions of the chosen ampoule.

Glass tubes are put into production line and automatically launched into the ampoule shaping part of the line, where a system of rotating heads rotates the tubes while burners are heating the glass equally from all sides. Heated tube is pulled into predefined length and shaped into an ampoule of desired shape and dimensions.  

After shaping, the ampoule is cut from the remaining tube still in the machine. Cutting is done through the use of special burners which at the same time cut and open the ampoule. Our line has 30 burner heads and the cycle is repeated until all the heads go through it and we get 28-32 ampoules from every glass tube, after which another tube is loaded in.

After this, freshly made ampoules are loaded onto calibration and break-point production line. Break point can be of OPCX type (one point cut, where cut is marked by spot of paint) or CBR type (color break ring which is slightly etched into the glass, making it more easily breakable at that point).

Depending on customer requirements, on this line we can also put code identification rings (colored rings) as well as screen printed text or graphics onto the ampoule body.

All the produced ampoules are then sent through glass tension release oven, and for final fixing of the paint and sterilization, at the temperature of 560°C to 630°C. After this they are directly deposited into Clean rooms for final packaging into plastic or cardboard boxes.

Following this, boxes are palletized and stored in our final product warehouse.

We have the capability for complete automated electronic control of all dimensional and cosmetic characteristics of our ampoules.

What is the technology we use for vial production?

For vial production we use type 3BS and BZ-16 production lines from S.P.A.M., and glass tube 1500mm long of varying diameter (depending on vial dimensions).

Production line has two main parts, part A with upper work heads and part B with lower work heads.

On our 3BS line, part A has 24 work heads while part B has 2 times 8 heads.

Our BZ-16 line part A has 16 work heads while part B has 8 work heads.

Part A of a line produces the vial neck, while part B produces the bottom of the vial. Both are the part of same line.

Glass tubes are loaded into upper work head of part A through automatic loader, serially into all the work heads. After the work heads are filled, burners are heating the end of the tube so that it could be shaped by work heads. Heated tubes in part A are shaped through three different automated tools, one of which shapes the neck, one which shapes the body of the vial, and one which finishes them off.

After the upper part of the vial is shaped, special burner system cuts the vials from the remainder of the tube and they move to part B work heads to shape the bottom of the vial.

When shaping is finished, the vial is transported to dimensional calibration line and, if needed, the screen printing line. After this, robot manipulators move them to glass tension release and sterilization ovens for final finish at the 560°C-630°C temperature.

Finished vials are automatically transported to Clean rooms for final inspection and packaging into plastic or cardboard boxes. They are then palletized and stored in warehouse.

High quality of our production equipment guarantees high levels of cleanliness in our production spaces, and by extension, the final product also.

All the products are packaged in Clean rooms that follow ISO standards ISO 14644-1 class ISO 8. (purity class 100 000).

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