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About us

Who are we?

Piramida d.o.o. is producer of pharmaceutical glass vials and ampoules. It is an autonomous company in private ownership. About 90% of its production is exported, while only about 10% is sold on domestic market.

Mission statement

Piramida d.o.o. aims to provide optimal prices with the most modern production facilities, while developing and nourishing long-term partnership relations with its customers and suppliers, all the time ensuring long lasting employee fidelity and constant improvements in environmental management.

Our vision

Piramida d.o.o. aims to be one of the top producers of pharmaceutical glass vials and ampoules in world and domestic markets, at the same time exercising constant care for protection of environment.

ID card of the Company

Piramida d.o.o.
producer of pharmaceutical glass vials and ampoules

Resnička 10, 10360 Sesvete

Telefon +385 1 2000 884
Fax +385 1 2027 971
E-pošta piramida@piramida.hr
OIB: 78563010061

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