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60 years of tradition in pharmaceutical glass production

Piramida was founded on October 1st, 1950, as Municipal Association of Glaziers (specialized in Christmas tree decorations), headquartered in Zagreb. A few years later it moved to a new location and started the production of thermos flasks, vials and ampoules. Since acquisition of first vial-production line (type Ambeg), it produces exclusively pharmaceutical glass vials and ampoules. At the beginning of 1970-ties, Piramida acquires vial production line type Amber-RP and Couclet, while ampoules are produced on type Scharmois and Anrep lines.

In 1979 Piramida moves to today's location and acquires modern production lines (Moderne Mecanique) for ampoule production, as well as type 3BS and BZ 16 lines for vial production. At that time, most of our production was for domestic market and for the markets of Eastern Europe. At the end of 1990-ties our production starts to grow again.

After the end of the privatization process in year 2001, our investments are growing and trend of further technical modernization is started. Piramida is entering the European market and experiences a sudden rapid growth of production. In year 2002 we certified our Quality Control Management System according to ISO 9001 standard, which was integrated with our Environmental Management System (ISO 14001 standard) one year later). In year 2003 we built Clean rooms which are in accordance with ISO 14644-1 Class ISO 8 standards, for packaging of our products. Since 2011 the Company is also certified according to ISO 15378 standard which provides conditions for Primary packaging materials for medicinal products.

In July 2012 regional private equity fund Blue Sea Capital acquired 100% ownership of Piramida with intent to double the production capacity of the company by 2016 by further investments. Furthermore, they plan to maintain Company's focus on modern technology, investing in employees and highest quality products thus making Piramida into one of the 5 largest producers of glass pharmaceutical packaging in Europe.

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