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Ampoule production per customer specifications

In order to provide you with exactly the product you need, Piramida offers you the possibility of ampoule production per customer specifications: for example, we can produce vacuum ampoules, ampoules with non-standard glass tube thickness or of differing dimensions.

From blueprints to production

All that you as customer need to do is deliver us the ampoule blueprints, reference items or just parameters. We shall then produce the final blueprints, and send them back to you for your approval. Fast and simple, without needless complications.

What is the quality of our ampoules?

Ampoules are produced from neutral borosilicate glass at our state-of-the-art production line. They can be made from colored (brown) or colorless glass, and they are packed in specialized clean rooms (ISO certified according to ISO 146444-1 class ISO-8). This is how we provide our customers with products of the highest quality. 

Reliability and flexibility

Our priority is establishing long lasting partnerships with our customers, and to achieve this, we have shaped our organization so that we are maximally flexible and reliable while accommodating our customer's desires.
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Quick solutions for your needs

We are proud of our standard speed of reaction: Piramida is a relatively small and completely autonomous company, where decision making process is very fast. We are capable of offering our customers fast quality solutions, with which you can save time and avoid unnecessary problems.

What are our capacities for ampoule production?

Our capacity for ampoule production is 450-500 million pieces a year. They are packed into cardboard or Akylux (polypropylene) boxes, depending on customer needs, and onto cargo pallets of standard dimensions (800x1200 mm, EUROPALLETS). Height of pallet package depends on customer specifications.

Ampoule types

Ampoules can be:

  • Self breakable (type of opening):
    • CBR (color break ring) with colored ring etched into the breakage point (ISO 9187-1)
    • OPC (one point cut) with single cut at the breakage point (ISO 9187-2)

  • with CR (color code rings) for easier identification of the fill

  • with screen print

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